KD vs LeBron

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Photo by David Whittaker on Pexels.com

Last week Tiger and Phil played a match viewed by nearly a million fans. Earlier this week Jack Morris wrote a story about “The Match” and some of the struggles both had. While reading and listening to people discuss how it was a fine match that was just a few years later than it should have been it began to remind me of what was said about the Mayweather-Pacquiao. The best part of “The Match” is that the money went to charity. I started to think about these events and the greatest of their era facing off after their era is over and I realized, I don’t want to wait. The next great 1v1 match in a pay-per-view type event needs to be shifted to the hardwood of the NBA. Kevin Durant vs LeBron James.

This is obviously a dream and unlikely to ever happen, but imagine the two greatest players of this era going at it 1v1 for ten million dollars to go to their charity of choice. Unlike the others mentioned in the opening of this piece, this needs to happen before they hit the end of their careers, this needs to happen now. Summer 2019 needs to feature Kevin Durant vs LeBron James. Games to 21, best of three.

If we want to really make it an event, get some other games too. Imagine Ben Simmons going 1v1 with Jayson Tatum (Sorry Donovan Mitchell just better matchup based on size). Everyone has seen the great Game of Zones duel between James Harden and Russell Westbrook, let’s see that play out as well. Now you have a full event that people will pay money to watch and all of it can go to charity. It gives the fans want they want for a good cause.

I don’t want to see anymore 1v1 of the greats past their prime, nobody is lining up to see Kobe face Vince Carter right now, but the two best in the world at the top of their game. This is the match we all want, hopefully, eventually, we get it.

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