@ Heisman Show: Please Entertain Me This Year


Photo Credit: CNN

It’s a wrap.  Tua Tagovailoa has all but won the Heisman trophy here entering conference championship week.  I, for one, love watching the short pieces on each Heisman Finalist during the award’s show, regardless if there is a foregone conclusion of who the winner is.  There is always a discussion about how many players have earned the trip to NYC, and how many the committee should actually invite.

There has been a pretty even spread over the last 30 years of 5-finalist, 4-finalist, and 3-finalist races (11,10, and 9 times respectively).  This year, with the inevitable crowning of Tua Tagovailoa as the nation’s best player, the number of invitees has generated a similar amount if not more buzz than the actual race itself.  ESPN has to find a way to make the show entertaining when the audience is already convinced it knows the ending.  If you want entertainment, here’s why 4 is the perfect number for the 2018 Heisman Ceremony.

1) Tua. Duh. 

The man has thrown 3 passes in the fourth quarter all year. 3 PASSES ALL YEAR.  That is MIND BOGGLING.  To go along with quite literally the most absurd stat I think I’ve ever seen for a Heisman “candidate” (*cough* WINNER *cough*), Tua has 36 touchdowns, 2 INTs, and an efficiency rating that you couldn’t achieve in a video game on the lowest difficulty setting.

Dominant in every sense of the word. Nothing more to say here.

2) Kyler Murray has been downright electric all year. 

Picture being so good at football that last year’s Heisman trophy winner’s records aren’t even safe from you.  Murray needs a shade over 400 yards to close out the season in order to top last year’s winner, Baker Mayfield and set a school record.  Oh, and this isn’t even his BEST SPORT.  Kyler Murray is the most exciting player in all of college football this year, and the dude is about to dip out and:

Play Major League Baseball,

Save his brain/body from the abuse of a long football career and,

Inevitably walk away with fatter paychecks than Le’veon Bell could ever dream of holding out for.

Kyler may not win the Heisman, but we all know who the real winner here is.

3) Haskins BREESed through the record books.

Ohio State’s single-season record holder in…

*checks calculator*


Okay, I know I’m being a little biased here as a Buckeye student and lifelong fan, but can you blame me?! The Ohio State signal-caller has the most passing touchdowns in the country AND the most in Big Ten History, a 6:1 Passing TD to INT ratio, 4000+ yards (another Big Ten record, sorry Curtis Painter/Drew Brees), and just added 400+ total yards and 6 more scores against the nation’s top-ranked defense.


Plus, I can’t help but watch him play and feel like he’s about to hit somebody deep.  Reminds me of Big Ben looking downfield to find Antonio Brown dusting some poor cornerback for a long score.

Send Dwayne to New York.

4) Will Grier’s perseverance through a bumpy road.

I love Will Grier.  I’m not just saying that because West Virginia has won me a little bit of cash this season (4-0 in bets on the Mountaineers, not a big deal).  I’m saying Will Grier should be in New York because he has EARNED that trip.

After Grier, “supposedly”,  unwittingly took SARMs (not steroids, look it up.) that led to a PED suspension at Florida, he transferred to WVU and has a 2-year-old daughter with his now wife.

  1. That is a LOT to ask of a 23-year-old college student.
  2. The man has overcome all of those struggles and become one of the nation’s top quarterbacks, capping off his exceptional season with 540 yards and 4 touchdowns in a thrilling battle, ultimately resulting in a loss, with Kyler Murray and Oklahoma.

Aside from his impressive play this year, I want Will Grier in New York for the E:60 style piece about his family and personal life (His younger brothers were incredibly popular on Vine, in case you somehow didn’t know).  That story is going to be so interesting it could single-handedly save this foregone conclusion of a Heisman Trophy Ceremony.


To wrap it all up, this Heisman trophy “race” is going to be a snoozefest.  This is about making sure the right guys get to experience a once in a lifetime night, and the entire country gets to see what their story has been outside of football.  All of them are deserving, and all of them have an aspect to their story that will make for an entertaining ceremony.

So come on powers above,

PLEASE put all four of these guys in the front row on Saturday night in a couple weeks.

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