The Red Hot Sabres

Photo Credit: The Runner Sports

The Buffalo Sabres are playing out of their minds right now. 10 game win streak with wins against multiple quality opponents. As a Caps fan, I could not care less about the Sabres, but they truly are producing hockey that is absolutely a blast to watch.  The Sabres face off tonight against the TB Lightning at 7:30 and the Sabres have (tied) the most points in the league and the Lightning have (tied) the second most points in the league. As a hockey fan, I will definitely be tuning in for the game.

The game is in Tampa and the Lightning are favored and I will definitely be putting money on them and the over. I feel like I absolutely have to put money on the Bolts because they are such a solid all-around team and for the Sabres (or any team), winning 11 games in a row is a huge feat to accomplish. Both teams are top 10 in the NHL in goals per game and both teams have top 15 powerplays (TB has the second best in the league) so we can definitely expect plenty of scoring.

As a hockey fan, this is definitely one of the best games of the early season and I am almost as excited to watch this game as I am when the Caps play the Pens and Tommy Wilson is out sending people through the boards while scoring goals and playing on the Caps top line. No matter what sport you like to watch, if you are bored at 7:30 I would advise throwing it on (and throwing money on the Lightning).

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