Does Anyone Else Want to See Jalen Hurts Start Against Oklahoma?

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

I love Jalen Hurts.  The dude has single-handedly made the unlikeable, evil empire-esque program in Tuscaloosa a sympathetic figure (at least in my eyes).  He came in, with no expectations as he’s been reduced to the Crimson Tide’s 4th quarter signal caller all year, and did what Tua Tagovailoa could not do for the first 2 and a half quarters against Georgia on Saturday took a lead and won the game.

The history is well documented.  From getting benched against the same team on the biggest stage for Tagovailoa last year, to being the backup all year, to completing the ultimate role reversal and beating the team that forced him into the backup role 11 months later, Jalen Hurts is a legend.

And I am HERE for it.

It takes a lot for me to not throw up in my mouth watching Alabama win football games, I truly detest watching their dominance year in and year out.  With that being said, even I couldn’t help but crack a smile watching Jalen Hurts get choked up talking about his journey back to the ultimate day in the sun.

Now, Saban has a legitimate decision to make (probably not, but let’s say he does for the sake of argument).  Does he ride the hot hand, or hope that Tua’s ankle heals enough in time to be the de facto Heisman winner he has been all year before taking on Oklahoma in the CFP semifinal?

Nick Saban if you’re reading this,


Okay but seriously, if you’re somehow reading this:

  1. Just retire, you have nothing left to prove.
  2. Also, Let Jalen Hurts start the semifinal game! The kid has done the unthinkable and made myself and many others like me not hate the fact that you’re inevitably going to win in the national title AGAIN.

I know there’s a multitude of reasons to start Tua Tagovailoa (most revolving around the fact that he improves your chance to win the football game),

But look at this guy!

Image result for jalen hurts crying

Photo Credit:

This is the face of someone that just loves winning for his team.  Let’s be honest, Hurts isn’t going to be an NFL superstar, so just let him ride off into the sunset as the starting QB of the Crimson Tide.

There was no better story coming out of Championship weekend than this right here.  You go Jalen Hurts, you’re the only person that could ever make me stomach an Alabama win.

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