Andre the Giant Drinker

87f12bf0f4cd2e29bffb649a24f75180.jpgPhoto Credit: Daily Telegraph

Being one of the household names and most popular characters in the WWE world, Andre the Giant is famous for his Goliath stature, standing at 7’4 and 550 pounds. Keep in mind NBA giant, Shaquille O’Neal stands at 7’1 and 370 pounds at his heaviest. Andre’s giant frame not only catapulted him into WWE royalty alongside other characters such as Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Vince McMahon but also into the hypothetical drinking Hall of Fame as he is dubbed by many as the greatest drinker of all time. The stories revolving around The Giant’s drinking ability seem to be a story from mythology, but many of his WWE colleagues are witnesses and were appalled by how much Andre could really drink as many of them attest that he could drink 7,000 calories of alcohol in one night.

100 beers were slight work for Andre as he accomplished that mark on several occasions. Ric Flair said he witnessed him drink 106 beers in only 6 hours, Hulk Hogan claimed The Giant drank 102 beers in 45 minutes, and 119 beers in one sitting. WWE wrestler Ken Patera even recalled a bet in which Dick Murdoch challenged Andre in a beer drinking contest in which he could drink more beer than Andre in one hour. The contest extended way beyond one hour as the 8 friends drank for approximately 10 hours with Andre finishing 116 beers and Murdoch unable to reach 40 as he finished with “only” 38.  Another wrestler, Mike Graham witnessed him finish 156 beers in one day which is his unofficial record.

And it wasn’t just beer, Andre loved any and all alcohol. It is often stated he drank 6 bottles of wine before a WWE event, Hulk Hogan claims he even drank 12 bottles of wine in only 3 hours. The Frenchman loved his wine as he often finished one case to start the day. His friends recounted that he’d drink 10 bottles of wine and finish it off with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Andre ordered 40 vodka tonics before the last call and ran up a $40,000 bar tab. Andre could drink handles of Vodka with ease as if it was water, he himself even said he needed 2 liters of Vodka before he even started feeling warm.

Unlike most sports where the GOAT conversation can stir up a heated debate, it’s safe to say that Andre the Giant is the undisputed GOAT when it comes to drinking. No one could keep up with the man as his monstrous stature kept him up on two feet through the endless calories of alcohol in which he consumed.


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