If Justin Fields Comes to Ohio State I’ll Do His Homework for an Entire Year

7bf8daa4-3721-4109-8677-5d71e625cb12_750x422.jpgPhoto Credit: WKYC.com

Look, I am currently a junior at Ohio State, and I want Justin Fields to transfer to Columbus more than I want a decent starting salary upon graduation.

Okay okay, hyperbole aside, I reeeeally want to see this kid in Scarlet and Gray.

Justin Fields is everything you could ask for as a spread offense signal caller:

  • He’s a more-than-capable runner with good speed (runs a 4.5 forty).
  • Good, quick decision maker, especially in the read option.
  • Big arm, but has a good amount of touch.
  • Don’t believe me? A simple youtube search will show a highlight reel that should get you as excited to watch this guy play as I am.

I only have one year left as a student at Ohio State so here’s my sales pitch to Mr. Fields:

You can come to be the face of a new era here at Ohio State with a young, exciting new head coach.  You’ve got weapons galore, four and five-star athletes on both sides of the ball, and a coach that just turned a first-year starter (not to mention the same guy you work out with in the summer) into a Heisman finalist on top of having the greatest statistical season in Big Ten history.

I think the choice is pretty clear.

Also, I’ll do your homework every day next year, no questions asked, no matter your major.

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