Notre Dame vs. Clemson First Half Assessment

ct-spt-notre-dame-clemson-cotton-bowl-todd-blackledge-20181222.jpgPhoto Credit: Chicago Tribune

At the end of the first half, the score is Clemson 23 Notre Dame 3.  It is ugly.  Trevor Lawrence is a beast.  He is 19 for 26 with 264 yards and 3 touchdowns.  This is partially because Clemson has great receivers and Notre Dame’s best coverage corner, Julian Love, went down with some sort of head injury around the end of the first quarter.  With Julian Love, I don’t think this game would be too different because Notre Dame’s offense cannot move the ball even though Clemson’s star lineman Dexter Lawrence is out.  If Notre Dame wants to get back into this game, they need to start moving the ball and giving their defense a break.  Also, they need to put some pressure on Trevor Lawrence and not let him sit in the pocket for as long as he wants.  If Clemson wants to keep this lead they just need to stick to what they are doing and keep the intensity up.

This game is really making me sad.  I wasn’t really expecting to win but I was really hoping for a good game at the very least.  Hopefully, Notre Dame can make this game interesting in the second half.  Even if Notre Dame doesn’t come back I will continue to watch this game as a way to atone for my sins this past year.

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