Should Oklahoma Even Show Up Tonight?

I am writing this so that I may forever be cemented on the right side of history.  I admit that Kyler Murray has had an incredible season, that is not lost on me.  I wholeheartedly* believe that he deserved to win the Heisman Trophy, and will be an OU legend next to Billy Sims and Baker Mayfield alike.  With all that being said, here are some reasons why I think Kyler and the Sooners are in for a long night.

*Unless Dwayne Haskins is reading this.

1. Alabama’s Front 7 is Debilitatingly Destructive.

Quinnen Williams, Anfernee Jennings, and Isaiah Buggs jump off the screen when you watch Alabama play defense.  These guys have combined for 22 Sacks, and 39 TFLs on the year (that’s pretty good).  I understand that Lincoln Riley’s system can account for a good pass rush, but part of Kyler Murray’s game is improvisational football to go along with designed runs.  When these dudes tackle, they run through you. They punish the ball carrier. Not to mention, they may have a little something to prove (effortless transition into my next point)…

2. The Crimson Tide Defense wants to show the Heisman voters that their guy should’ve won.

Maybe I’m extrapolating here, but when your quarterback loses the most prestigious award in the sport to the guy you’re lining up across from, I’d assume you want to make a point.  I think today will be the hardest Alabama’s defense has played since they blanked LSU in Death Valley while holding the Tigers to under 200 total yards (and only 12 rushing).  Call me crazy, but I think Saban’s had time to prepare for Lincoln, Kyler and Co. To go along with King Saban’s unparalleled preparation, that defense is gonna be itchin’ to make those voters regret picking against Tua.

3.  The Bama Receiving Corps is going to do Inhumane Things to the Sooner DBs.

Jerry Jeudy: Biletnikoff winner (that’s the nation’s best receiver), certified Wizard.

  • Thousand yards? Check.
  • Does he get in the end zone? Yep, 12 times.
  • 40 time? In the 4.4s.

Need I say more?

Henry Ruggs III: Somehow the second best receiver on this team, would easily be the best on 95% of other College Football teams.  Quick and strong, incredibly physical, even at only 6 feet tall. 700+ yards, and 10 touchdowns as well.

Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle: Combined for over 1300 yards, 14 total touchdowns, and a disturbing amount of Cornerbacks’ ankles over the year.  It should be illegal to have these two in the same huddle as the aforementioned Ruggs III and Jeudy.


In conclusion, Sooners…Image result for Quinnen williams images

Photo Credit: Roll Bama Roll

Watch out.

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