My Response to Notre Dame’s Loss to Clemson:

clemson-notre-dame-score-playoff-trevor-lawrence-justin-ross.jpgPhoto Credit: Sports Illustrated

It happened again. We played our way into another big stage game and we got exposed. This is the third time an embarrassment of this magnitude has happened (2012 National Championship vs Alabama and 2017 game @ Miami) under Brian Kelly, and I’m pretty damn sick of it.

All the ND doubters were right and we were all wrong again. I’m embarrassed to say that deep down I actually thought we had a chance in this game, and now I look like an idiot while Colin Cowherd is at his house right now with a dirty grin on his face laughing at Irish Nation.

No one showed up to play. The coaches, Book, the skill position players, the O-Line, and the entire defense got exposed. The only guys who made any plays were on special teams, and that’s not a recipe for a win.

With this said, the Ohio State fans who think they could have beaten Clemson can f*** off. The only team that maybe would’ve stood a chance against Clemson is Georgia. This whole weekend just reinforced what we all already knew to be true: Alabama and Clemson are in a class of their own.

I don’t know what we do from here. Do we fire Kelly and try to find a different coach to take us to the next level? Maybe. Is this the ceiling for us and we just have to accept the fact that we will never be true contenders for a national championship again? That’s certainly possible as well. One thing I do know is at this point we have no other choice than to join a conference.

Our team should be pretty solid next year with a lot of players (including Ian Book) returning. However, we are losing a great senior class and it is hard for me to believe that we will be able to win both @ Michigan and @ Georgia next season. The bottom line is we’re going to need a whole lot of Irish luck to even have a chance to make it back here next year. However, if you think I’m picking us to go anything but 12-0 again, then you’re out of your mind. Go Irish.

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