We’ve Seen This Movie Before

clemson-alabama-head-to-head-record.jpgPhoto Credit: Sports Illustrated

It’s time to stop pushing for an 8 team playoff–at least for now. The results of last night’s games may make people think the committee got it wrong by putting Oklahoma or Notre Dame in the playoff. Could Ohio State have made things more interesting than the Irish or the Sooners did? Probably. Could Georgia have even taken down Clemson or Alabama? Maybe. Certainly, there are arguments that can be had about what teams could best compete with the two juggernauts of Clemson and Alabama.

However, it’s almost frivolous to argue who should have gotten the third and fourth spot. The playoff format has once again provided us with clearly the two best teams all year meeting for a 3rd National Championship in four years. Clemson and Alabama both put together dominant regular seasons. Both dominated in their semifinal games. This is nothing new. These two programs have proved for the last half-decade that they are head and shoulders above the rest of the college football world.

The last two times these teams have matched up for the championship they have provided some of the greatest games in the history of the sport.
For once, let’s quit arguing about the playoff format and committee. Let’s appreciate the greatness of two dynasties who have yet again earned the right to play each other for the championship.

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