It’s Time for Notre Dame to Join a Conference


Photo Credit: The Indianapolis Star

As an independent, non-conference College Football program Notre Dame did everything they had to do in order to make the playoffs by going 12-0. The Playoff Committee was put in place in order to give teams like Georgia a chance to compete for a National Title, who had two losses on the season to great teams in Alabama and LSU. The playoffs operate with the intention of putting “the best four teams” in. Notre Dame was given a playoff spot by the committee as they should have, but many saw through their 12-0 record as the team struggled against subpar teams such as unranked Ball State, Vanderbilt, Pittsburg, and a struggling USC team. To put it simply Notre Dame was clearly not one of the best four teams in the country and they proved that by getting blown out 30-3 by Clemson in the Cotton Bowl. Notre Dame embarrassed the committee along with themselves, again. Notre Dame just isn’t that good, they haven’t won in 31 years and are constantly boasting about their rich history, well that’s just history. In the modern day, Notre Dame has been a joke, their undefeated season is less impressive than UCF’s 2017 campaign as UCF beat a solid Auburn team who beat a Georgia team who had the Championship snatched from them in the final moments of a thrilling bowl game, which is foreign to Notre Dame as they only get blown out.

Notre Dame has gone 0-8 in their last 8 major bowl games getting blown out in every single one, why they continue to receive the respect they don’t deserve? Don’t expect it to happen again until they join a conference or win out with a tougher schedule with ranked opponents in order to secure some respectable wins throughout the season. After a joke of a performance that they tortured us all with by only scoring 3 points in the first quarter which would be all they scored in the entire game, it would not come as a shock if the committee were to snub them of a future playoff spot if they were to go undefeated again as they proved time and time again that they clearly cannot compete with elite teams such as Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson, Georgia, and Ohio State. Hopefully, the committee learned from this mistake, and we won’t have to watch Notre Dame get blown out for the 9th time anytime soon.

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