Where Should Dwayne Haskins Land in the 2019 NFL Draft?

8876828.jpgPhoto Credit: 247Sports

Justin Fields’ transfer to Ohio State is a huge indicator that Dwayne Haskins will likely declare for the upcoming draft. Haskins had previously stated that the two had talked and Fields was waiting for Haskins to make a decision regarding his future before Fields made his own. With Oregon’s quarterback Justin Herbert returning to play another year, Haskins has emerged as the clear-cut top quarterback prospect in the 2019 NFL draft as he is expected to be a top 10 pick.

The Giants who have had an underwhelming season finishing with a 5-11 record and the previous year finishing at 3-13, have tied the Browns with the most losses in the past two seasons. With the 6th pick in this year’s draft, it seems like a no-brainer for the Giants to select Haskins to be their future franchise quarterback. Getting an endorsement from legendary college coach Urban Meyer, stating that “Haskins is the best QB prospect I’ve ever seen,” should not be a statement the Giants should take lightly. Considering that in just one year Haskins holds Ohio State’s single-game and season passing records in both yards and touchdowns. Becoming just the sixth player in college football history to throw 50 touchdowns in one season, finishing with an 11-1 record, and being crowned both Big Ten and Rose Bowl champions Haskins is a draft prospect that the Giants can’t afford to overlook as they look to move forward and start building towards their future.

Eli Manning is now 38 years old with one year remaining on his contract as his tenure in New York seems to be coming to an end. Drafting Haskins will put the Giants in a safe position regardless of what happens with Manning as he could sit for half the season or the full season under the two-time Super Bowl champion, or they can elect to move forward and play him right away. Whatever they decide to do they will be set for the future having just signed one of the NFL’s top receivers in Odell Beckham Jr. to a 5-year extension this past season, drafting breakout receiver Sterling Shepard only two years ago in 2016, receiving tight end Evan Engram in 2017, and potential Rookie of the Year Saquon Barkley being drafted earlier this year. Haskins will have many young weapons around him to create a high powered offense in New York for the next few years. Not to mention, Dwayne Haskins, being from New Jersey has been a lifelong Giants fan. With the Giants needing a quarterback for the immediate future Dwayne Haskins is emerging as the perfect selection for the Giants to make with the 6th pick in this year’s draft.

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