With News of Justin Fields’ Transfer Imminent, is Day Going to Hand Him the Starting Job?

Image result for justin fields osuPhoto Credit: toledoblade.com

I recently became aware, via @11W on Twitter, that Justin Fields is all but inked to Ohio State.  Now some of you may remember my recent promise to Mr. Fields that I would do his homework for the year upon a completed transfer, so it is safe to say I am excited about this move.  I am, however, a human being with real human emotions, and so this news immediately made me feel bad for Tate Martell.

I understand that Justin Fields has more of the prototypical size, arm strength and might be faster, but Martell is definitely going to get a chance to prove himself in camp, and already has 2+ years under his belt at Ohio State.  In the games he’s played for the Buckeyes, Martell has shown flashes of big-play ability both with his arm and legs, as well as good decision-making ability. (see: Rutgers Highlights, 2018). 

Looks like we’ll be seeing a quarterback battle for the Buckeyes in 2019 assuming:

  • Haskins leaves for the NFL (spoiler alert: he basically said Fields would only come to OSU if Dwayne was leaving),
  • Martell doesn’t transfer beforehand and,
  • Fields gets a waiver from the NCAA allowing him to play right away and avoid taking a redshirt.

As for me, I’m just praying the Georgia QB doesn’t choose a Computer Science or Calculus-based career path…

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