PSA for Mock Draft Etiquette in 2019

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Were you left with a disappointing taste in your mouth following a Bama Blowout on the biggest stage?  Not sure where your CFB debates can originate from in the long, grueling offseason?  Search no more! Now that the actual games are over, we as fans get to take part in one of the most argumentative times of the calendar year:

Mock. Draft. Szn.

Everyone wants to know where their favorite player is projected to go, and when they realize it isn’t as high as they expected, they run to the comment sections and Twitter mentions to respectfully voice their displeasures.  In my long, illustrious, 21 years of life, I have engaged in entirely too many fruitless debates involving NFL talent scouting.  Please, in a Public Service Request from myself, refrain from using the following phrases in your debates:

  • Butbutbut… he ran a *insert absurdly fast 40 time here* at the combine!!

Look, I’m all for watching the combine to see ridiculous feats of athleticism, but don’t be the guy that cites 40 times as a reason this guy should go before that guy.  We get it, you saw the number flash on the screen after he sprinted 120 feet.  Let McShay and Kiper adjust accordingly before you run to Twitter to bash the dude who was 2 tenths of a second slower.

  • His numbers don’t matter because he didn’t play real defenses!!

Believe it or not, if a Wide Receiver from Norfolk State has 8,000 career catches and 6,000,000 career yards to go with his 374 All-Purpose TD’s, he’s probably earned that 2nd-3rd round grade.  Say what you want about inflated stats, but where there’s smoke, there’s (usually) fire.

  • Trust me, I was right about ______ last year and ______ the year before that.

News flash: Even if you were right about those two random players in a draft of 256 total, no one is going to be able to prove your statement true or false.  ALSO, I’m sure you were wrong about a different _____ and ______ those exact. same. years.
These are the 2019 NFL Mock Draft rules.  I myself have undoubtedly committed all three of these heinous crimes in the past, but I’ve seen the metaphorical light, and now think it’s time to put these archaic arguments to rest.


P.S. I know all of these suggestions will fall on deaf ears, but if I get through to one @GoGators3764 or @Fight_On_Trojans, then I feel as if I’ve made the world a slightly better place.

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