Kyler Murray: MLB or NFL

sn-kylermurray-football-baseballjpg_1rnplj0u42j711jwl5m5sl29h7.jpgPhoto Credit: Sporting News

The deadline for Kyler Murray’s decision between the NFL and MLB is here and Murray seems to be having second thoughts about joining the MLB. The Oklahoma quarterback was drafted 9th overall by the Oakland A’s in the 2018 MLB Draft signing a contract that granted Murray a $4.66 million dollar signing bonus. After a successful season with Oklahoma in which Murray won the Heisman and secured a playoff spot for his university, it seems that Murray may be leaning towards declaring for the NFL Draft as his draft stock continues to rise.

It is being reported that Murray is now demanding a $15-million-dollar contract from the A’s to keep him in baseball, otherwise, he’ll declare for the NFL Draft on January 14th. The $15-million-dollar demand is 10 million more than his previous contract which guaranteed him only $5 million dollars. Top Oakland A’s executives are rushing to meet with Murray in order to convince him to stay true to his original commitment, but with a weak quarterback class in the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft, it will be interesting to see where Murray would land should he declare. Murray is an undersized quarterback at only 5’9 which may end up hurting his stock, but his résumé speaks for itself.

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