Sorry Refs

GettyImages-1097145500-775x465.jpgPhoto Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Before I start this let me say: The refs blew the Saints game Sunday, there is no way around that. The call cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. Blaming the refs is fair, but to say it is all their fault is not.

In every game every player makes a mistake, no wide-receiver caught every pass or got open every time, the offense had to punt and the defense the Saints had other chances to score and didn’t, its just not fair to blame a few refs for not having the right angle…screw it, what am I saying. HOW DOES THE NFL NOT GET THIS RIGHT. ALL OUT TEAMS ARE PERFECT AND THE REFS BLEW IT. We are sports fans, and we KNOW it is not our team’s fault, we were robbed, we all know it.

I mean look at this, the ball is not close to the receiver when he gets hit. Not to mention it was on a defenseless receiver in the head or neck area. MAYBE the referee didn’t have a good angle, and MAYBE in live time it was iffy from his angle and if you don’t see it you can’t call it (@Patriots Refs), but how can we not review this at least. The NFL can fix this too, have a room full of referees sitting watching all the camera angles, and every call will be caught. Five refs all running with 22 of the best athletes will miss things, a room full of refs watching the camera angles won’t. They can have direct communication with the referees on the field and can tell them if a call should be made.

One thing I do know, the Saints should be going to the Super Bowl (as should the Chiefs because the overtime rules were dumb, and that wasn’t roughing the passer in the 4th). We got screwed PERIOD. End of Story, literally.

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