Mic’d Up is the Best Thing in the NFL

maxresdefault.jpgPhoto Credit: YouTube

NFL players being Mic’d Up during games provides the fans with an inside look into what is going on with players during games.  Listening to the trash talk, celebrations, and casual conversations alike allow us to experience the game in a new way.  We get to hear Chad Ochocinco tell trainers that he took a Viagra before the game, we get to hear Steve Smith Sr. berate DBs while he is cooking them on the field, we get to hear Baker Mayfield brag about his handoff on the longest run in Browns history.  It brings out the best of the best personalities.  It provides a level of entertainment that isn’t possible otherwise.  The NFL should Mic Up everyone during every game just so we can hear everything that happens.  Mic Up all the players, Mic Up the coaches. Mic Up the refs.  I WANT IT ALL.  I understand that this would probably be very expensive and it’s probably too much to ask for, but I don’t care.  I want to be able to listen to the bench players talk about what they are going to eat for dinner that night.  I cannot picture a world in which this does not entertain me.


If you are not entertained by this video then there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

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