Best Prop Bets Heading Into the Super Bowl

usatsi_9725113.jpgPhoto Credit: Patriots Wire – USA Today

While the Super Bowl is popular for many things, one aspect that draws in casual fans and hardcore sports gamblers alike is the plethora of prop bets. Most of these have nothing to do with the actual game.  Whether you feel confident about your football knowledge or not, there are some ways to win a few dollars while watching the last NFL game of the season. Here’s a look at some of the best prop bets heading into the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl MVP:

Best Bet: Tom Brady +125.  I know it may not be an exciting bet, but in my mind, I really don’t see any other outcome.  I think the Patriots will have no problem winning the Super Bowl and as long as Tom Brady plays the whole game he seems like a lock to win MVP.  

National Anthem – How Long Will It Take Gladys Knight To Sing The US National Anthem?

Best Bet: Over 1 minute and 47 seconds -160.  With the stage being as big as it is at the Super Bowl and knowing how many will be eyeing their TV’s during the National Anthem, I expect Gladys Knight to draw out the performance and get as much face time as possible.  Also, four out of the last five performers have surpassed the two-minute mark, so the over seems to be the safe pick

Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes Gladys Knight to sing the National Anthem?

Best Bet: Yes -140.  With how explosive these offenses are and with the number of playmakers they have on the outside, I think both teams have the potential to break off a long scoring play resulting in a short drive.  I think this bet has the best potential to win during the two-minute drill of the first half. Both teams will want to add to their score just before the half, so whoever has the ball I expect them to go up-tempo and at least try and kick a field goal.  

How Many Plays Will Tony Romo Correctly Predict Ahead Of The Play?

Best Bet: Over 7.5 -120.  After Romo was on fire in the last few minutes of the AFC Championship game, the CBS broadcaster received an enormous amount of credit for bringing his football smarts into our living rooms at home.  With how much hype Romo is receiving as of late, I think he’s going to continue to call out plays in key moments of the game so look for the over to hit.

What Color Will The Liquid Be That Is Poured On The Game Winning Coach?

Best Bet: Orange +400.  Let’s be honest, none of us have any idea what color liquid will be in those Gatorade jugs.  However, orange seems like a good bet only because it’s one of the most popular flavors and because it can pay off pretty nicely at +400.

Will There Be A Penalty For Roughing The Passer?

Best Bet: Yes -150.  Nobody wants to see backup QB’s play, especially in the Super Bowl. I would expect the officials to protect Goff and Brady and throw a flag at anything remotely close.

Halftime Show – Will Maroon 5 Play Sweet Victory At Halftime As A SpongeBob SquarePants Tribute?

Best Bet: No +155.  As funny as this would be, I just don’t see it happening. Maroon 5 has had plenty of hits over the years and for them to take time out of their once in a lifetime performance to play a SpongeBob song just doesn’t seem realistic.

*all odds via Bovada as of Sunday, January 27th*

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