Who is the Most Hated Dynasty in Modern-Day Sports?

Image result for red soxESPN.com and The Boston Globe

There are winners, and there are losers.  Most of the time, the success of professional franchises is cyclical.  Teams are good for a few years, maybe win a title or two, and then they fall to mediocre and, eventually, bad.  Some, however, seemingly NEVER hit the downslide.  They’re good for a few years, then even better, then otherworldly.  And along the way, they collect rings along with the broken souls of those that stand in their way.  If your favorite team falls in the illustrious category of Dynasties, then congrats.  I hope you know that everyone else hates you. If I were you, however, I’d drink up the salty tears shed by my inferior competition year after year.  Here are a few dynasties that make opposing fans’ blood boil.

The Golden State Warriors (2014 – )

The Golden State Warriors have made the rest of the NBA give up on basketball.  Dear NBA fans, what’s it like to root for your team to be second best?  Like before the season even starts, you just know your season won’t end in the winners’ circle?  Three titles in four years and no signs of stopping this year and years beyond(barring the team breaking itself up in free agency)?  Just cancel the whole league.

The Alabama Crimson Tide (2009-2019?? Maybe??)

Saban’s Army.  A wave of players dominating the NFL, and owning the National Title picture year after year.  Hopefully, we’re seeing the end of this one, though it may come with this dynasty being reborn at Clemson.  If you’re like me, you may have rooted for Alabama to beat Colt McCoy and Texas in 2009, but little did we know what would ensue.

Edit: After writing this, I realize there’s a 99% chance I’m wrong and Bama will bounce back and win next year. Duh.

Boston Sports (2000-Forever)

The Patriots have five (maybe 6 in about a week), The Red Sox ended the Curse of the Bambino 4 times, and the Bruins and Celtics each have one in this time frame.  It isn’t even fair how spoiled the Boston sports fans have become.  Can you imagine being a kid from Boston in 1999 with the knowledge that your next 20 years will be filled with sheer dominance?  I’d say what I would give up to experience this life, but I don’t think my editors would post this if I did.

Chicago Blackhawks (2010-2015)

If you want a recipe for a truly detestable dynasty, here’s my checklist:

  1. Be a big market team
  2. Be horrible for a long time, then get really good.
  3. Have a devoted fan base that seemingly comes from nowhere.

Hmmmm. Check. Check. AAAAAAAANDDD check.  The Blackhawks run was one that brought a ton of publicity to the same franchise that was so bad the TV stations in Chicago at one point blacked out the games to force fans to go to the games.  They were unstoppable and in some cases, believe it or not, fans came out of nowhere to support their Hawks! Okay, pettiness aside, these teams were unstoppable and watching Toews and Kane was masterful.

I’m sorry if your favorite team was on here and I pushed your buttons.  But seriously, if you are/were a fan of any of these dynasties, please don’t take it for granted.  Some of us aren’t sure if we’ll ever see one in our lives at this point.



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