Keep Miller Park

miller-park_1iopf766qp9j01gzzu4vm7djz8.jpgPhoto Credit: Sporting News

Miller Park, completed in 2001 has been the namesake of the Milwaukee Brewers since the park was built. The Brewers is one of the best names in the MLB as the state of Wisconsin is the 3rd highest GDP producing state of beer according to the Wall Street Journal. The beer industry contributes 10 billion dollars annually to the Wisconsin economy. I live a couple of miles from the Wisconsin state line in Illinois and I will admit Wisconsin offers much better craft beer options than any other state in the nation. New Glarus Spotted Cow, only sold in Wisconsin is a favorite beer of Americans all over the nation. I will drink Wisconsin beer in a heartbeat compared to any other beer brewed in the nation.

The Miller Park naming rights have been purchased by American Family Insurance, whose headquarters is in Madison, Wisconsin, but no one recognizes this company with the state of Wisconsin as much as they do with Miller. When you think Miller Beer you think Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 2020 the name of the iconic Miller Park will change to American Family Insurance Park or some format of that name. Although I understand the financial economics of this decision, I disagree with it. American Family Insurance might be able to offer more money to the Brewers than Miller, they do not represent the state as well as Miller does. 10 out of the 20 “Drunkest Cities in America” were located in Wisconsin. Wisconsinites love their beer and I can contest to that. The Milwaukee BREWERS’ park should not be renamed to “American Family Insurance Park”, That is an injustice to all people that live in Wisconsin. They deserve a team and a stadium name that represents their states’ heritage which is being drunk. I root for the Chicago Cubs, but the Brewers are a close 2nd. The Wisconsin culture is some of the best in the nation. Beer. Cheese. Sports. Go Brewers and Go Miller Park.

I have been to many Miller Park tailgates. The beer, sausage, and smoked meats offered to me and my friends were outstanding. I do not think the park will hold the same charm that Miller Park did. I love Miller Park and the memories it made my friends and I. Whether it be chirping Noah Syndergaard and the Mets or rooting for Kris Bryant and the Cubs. #KeepMillerPark


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