Must See 30 for 30s*

30-for-30-1024x576.jpg*None of these are currently available, but I can only assume that ESPN is working on them. Photo Credit: ESPN

30 for 30 is the best idea ESPN ever had.  What’s better than watching sports? Reliving the nostalgic moments we associate with them through improbable storylines years after the fact.  I for one have always loved the 30 for 30 series ever since it began when I was in middle school.  I’m not kidding, I think I’ve watched Pony Excess and The Fab Five no less than 15 times.  With that being said, here are a few stories I think ESPN would be absolutely bananas to miss out on.  I’m sure that at least one of these stories will eventually come out if the series continues its longevity, so naturally, I’m expecting a cool 2% of all profits.  Nothing too crazy, but residual income is the name of the game.  I’ll keep an IP lawyer’s number on deck for when that day comes.


Money Manziel/The Johnny Football Story

I mean… the first freshman, to win the Heisman trophy? Check.  A polarizing talent that ultimately culminated in a burnt out NFL career? Check.  An egregiously lavish lifestyle filled with celebrity endorsements that 99.9% of the 15-35 Demographic that ESPN thrives on would kill to have? Stop me if you know the answer…

Johnny Manziel’s entire life has been a movie, so throw on some awesome highlights set to the Friday Night Lights soundtrack and this one would be gold.


greg-oden-2012.jpgPhoto Credit: CBS Sports

And with the first pick in the NBA Draft…

Can you imagine getting a round table of notable NBA busts? Guys like Kwame Brown, Greg Oden, Anthony Bennett, the “Kandi Man” himself Michael Olowokandi?!  Maybe bring back Sam Bowie as the head of the discussion since ESPN already did a 30 for 30 on his story… The rabbit holes these guys could go down would be next-level.  I’d tune in for sure.


Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens: The Greatest* in the Game.

I couldn’t come up with a clever name but that sentence is just preposterous.  Barry with his SEVEN (7!) NL MVPs?! There were plenty of people doing steroids that weren’t touching Barry’s numbers, nor were they instilling Barry’s level of fear in the heart of every opposing pitcher in the league.  Then the documentary can bounce over to Roger Clemens and his seven (again… just an absurd number) Cy Young awards. 1986 was his first and 2004 was his last.  Absolute monster.  The general baseball public will always hate steroids in baseball, so you’d get a good portion of people to hate-watch it (and people hate Clemens for his controversial political opinions more than his steroid narrative nowadays), as well as those who would watch it in admiration.  To me, this is one that could knock it out of the park.***


Other potential storylines to go with could be Federer vs Nadal, Tiger Woods meteoric rise and fall (and hopefully, resurrection), as well as the Cubs ending the 108 year World Series Drought.  All of these strike me as potential 30 for 30 storylines that would be must-see TV.

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