Kyrie Irving Could Change the NBA

1384041-491871.jpgPhoto Credit: Hot 97

I have come to the conclusion that Kyrie Irving didn’t want out of Cleveland because of his role with the team or being LeBron’s second fiddle. Although those could have been contributing factors, he had to have known LeBron was eventually going to dip out for Los Angeles. Ultimately, it is obvious he didn’t want to be left with a team that was inevitably going in a different direction.

Irving already stated that he wants to stay with Boston “if you guys will have me back.” It would probably make the most sense since he has the Sean McVay of NBA coaches in Brad Stevens, an illustrious young roster, and a culture of winning. It is apparent Irving has matured greatly since leaving Cleveland. Hopefully, he makes the right move.

New York could also be a very interesting option. If Kristaps Porziņģis comes back healthy, and they add someone like Jimmy Butler or Kevin Durant, New York would spontaneously have a very dangerous team in a huge market. That team in the East would topple teams within the conference, easily paving a clear road to the NBA Finals. Irving has been connected to New York for a couple years now.

Los Angeles is the newest rumor surrounding Irving. There is a growing concern Irving won’t resign with Boston and would be open to rejoining LeBron in Los Angeles. If they pulled off the Anthony Davis trade and lured Irving, we would be seeing one of the best big 3s ever. That would definitely make Los Angeles a contender once again. Hey, who knows, maybe Irving and Kawhi Leonard team up on the other LA team– wouldn’t that be something.

It really depends what Irving wants to do with his career. Does he want the flashy Los Angeles life? Does he want to stay a part of Boston’s system? Does he want the glamorous, yet challenging, task with New York, seeing they haven’t won anything in my lifetime? Irving can sign a 4-year $139 million dollar max just about anywhere, or he can sign a 5-year $188 million dollar extension with Boston. That begs the question, does Danny Ainge really want to invest all that money in Irving when he knows he has a ton of young talent and picks? It is important to consider that he is stuck with Gordon Hayward’s ugly contract and that Irving has an injury history.

Free agency is going to be a wild one this summer. Hopefully, we can see some parity created in the league with all the marquee free agents.

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