3 Biggest All Star Snubs

Photo Credit: Charlotte’s got a lot

The NBA All-Star reserves were just announced and there were some surprising names that did not make the list.

1.) Rudy Gobert – Utah Jazz

Image result for rudy gobert

Photo Credit: sltrib.com

Gobert is having another great season defensively and he is having his best offensive season.  He has the highest defensive plus/minus and is averaging 2.2 blocks per game.  He is averaging 15 points per game and is shooting at 65% from the field.  He is arguably the best defensive player in the league and has once again been snubbed from the All-Star Game. However, the Western Conference does have tough centers to compete against.

2.) Luka Doncic – Dallas Mavericks

Image result for luka doncic

Photo Credit: Newsweek.com

The rookie phenom has quickly become a fan favorite and a big threat in the Western Conference.  He became the first teenager to have a triple-double in NBA history and is averaging 20.4 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 5.4 assists per game.  Again, being in the Western Conference is tough, especially for a rookie.

3.) D’Angelo Russell – Brooklyn Nets


Photo Credit: clutchpoints.com

D’Angelo Russell is having the best year of his career.  He is averaging more points and assists than he ever has and is shooting better than ever.  He is leading the 28-25 Nets in points, assists, and steals.  With Russell, the Nets have gone from a bottom dwelling team to a playoff contender.  Russell is one of the top candidates for replacing Victor Oladipo after his injury, but he still should have made the ASG outright.

Disclaimer: D’Angelo Russell was selected to replace Victor Oladipo after this was written. 

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