What Do We Do With Ourselves Without Football?

nfl-draft-020418-getty-ftrjpg_i9r9h2jh2uxi150edgz5189jm.jpgPhoto Credit: SI

The dreaded day has come where football is officially over and it is pretty depressing. Now we are in this awkward time period where there isn’t a whole lot going on in sports to get excited about for about a month and a half. Six weeks from today is the start of March Madness in Dayton, and once that starts up then we have a few weeks of awesome college basketball that leads directly into the Masters, the start of baseball, and then the NBA and NHL playoffs. But the real question is what do we do with ourselves until then? Here are a few things to get excited about in the meantime.

NBA Trade Deadline: February 7th

The trade deadline is just two days away and there is a chance it could be one of the best ever. Trade season is already off to a hot start with the huge blockbuster deal for Kristaps last week. If the Lakers end up striking a deal for Anthony Davis it could be one of the most insane trades in history. In addition to this, we know that the Grizzlies are looking to dish Mike Conley and Marc Gasol. I have also seen rumors about guys like Jimmy Butler and Nikola Vucevic being shopped around. The deadline is shaping up to be a good one, and will certainly be something to occupy our time over the next few days.

Notable College Basketball Games: February 9th-March 9th

Prior to the NCAA Tournament, we will have some great conference tournament games, but even before that, there are many notable games to look forward to.

– February 9th: #10 Marquette vs #14 Villanova and #3 Virginia vs #2 Duke

– February 12th: #8 UNC vs #3 Virginia

– February 17th: #5 Kentucky vs #1 Tennessee

– February 21st: #2 Duke vs #8 UNC

– February 23rd: #18 TTU vs #13 Kansas

– February 24th: #7 Michigan vs #9 Michigan St.

– February 28th: #14 Villanova vs #10 Marquette

– March 2nd: #1 Tennessee vs #5 Kentucky

– March 9th: #9 Michigan St. vs #7 Michigan and #8 UNC vs #2  Duke

Champions League Soccer: February 12th-March 13th

There are 16 Champions League games between now and the start of March Madness. Eight teams remain in the tournament and almost all of them are traditional powerhouse clubs. Sure it’s not the kind of football we want, but we will just have to make do.

NBA All-Star Weekend: February 15th-17th

You can spend all day arguing about how the NBA All-Star Weekend should or shouldn’t be, but it is certainly an entertaining experience for fans. From the skills competitions to the celebrity game to the actual all-star game, the whole weekend is a fun time and something I am for sure looking forward to watching.

Daytona 500: February 17th

Some may say NASCAR is a dying sport, but the Daytona 500 is still a pretty awesome event that is worth following even if you don’t love racing. Also from what I’ve heard about it if you have the chance to go to this event then you better not pass that up.

NFL Combine and Mock Draft Season: February 26th-March 4th

Football games might be done, but the spirit of football never dies. The NFL Combine is just weeks away which also means we are hitting the peak of NFL mock draft season. Mock draft season is year round for us die-hard fans, but we are really getting into the thick of it now. I can’t wait to hear some of the takes flying around the NFL media.

The Players Championship: March 14th-March 17th

No, it isn’t technically a major championship, but for anyone who even casually follows golf they know how important and fun this tournament is. This is the first time ever that the tournament will be held in March, and it will really jump-start the heat of the golf season.

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