Reviewing the Tobias Harris Trade

usa-tobias-harris.jpgPhoto Credit: NBC Sports

This is a rare win for both teams.

It seems that the Philadelphia 76ers are going all in this year, and Tobias  Harris will serve them well. They will have a big four in Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Jimmy Butler, and now Harris. That is a scary starting lineup after inserting JJ Redick. The addition of Boban Marjanovic is also great for Philly because no teams can run small-ball on them now. They can play Embiid most of the game and then toss in the biggest player in the NBA to wear people down. Lastly, Mike Scott is a nice asset for Philly as he will contribute well shooting from three for them. Ultimately, Philly is going for a Finals run.

Harris also hit a game-winner for the Clippers last night. Philly, enjoy him. He is a hard worker and is a good third/fourth option for a contending team. Philly also stated they plan on signing Harris long-term, so he will be able to suit up for them with the confidence and mindset he isn’t some journeyman trade asset anymore. This will be his fifth team and he is only 26 years old.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Jerry West are playing chess with the league right now. Harris was going to leave the Clippers anyways because they clearly were not going to pay him the max after he declined the 80 million offer they threw at him this past summer. Now, they have sent their best player to a team that can knock off the Toronto Raptors early, giving the Clippers a head start on the Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes.

Obviously, the Clippers were not doing anything in the playoffs, even if they made it. They traded the non All-Star on an expiring contract and hauled in two decent assets, Landry Shamet, who is a young strapper all Philly fans rave about, two first-rounders, and two second-rounders. That is one hell of a deal for the Clippers. If the Clippers fall out of the playoffs they will get their pick back from the Boston Celtics, opening up a spot for the Sacramento Kings or Los Angeles Lakers. If the Kings make the playoffs, they will get their pick back from the Celtics, essentially destroying the Celtics’ Anthony Davis package. If the Lakers take that spot, their picks become less valuable and make trades a teeny bit harder for them. The Clippers now have the pick load that the New Orleans Pelicans were requesting for Davis, and it should also be noted the Clippers are one of the teams Davis said he would sign with long-term.

Jerry West and Lawrence Frank continue to bolster the future of this franchise and I think it is time to start noting the Clippers as serious free agency contenders for this summer.

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