IU Basketball Stinks, and I Know Why

archie-miller-ftr-jpg_1n6gb0f4r7edc1dt4t9mexl418.jpgPhoto Credit: Sporting News

Indiana Hoosiers basketball has been, to most, a complete disappointment in the second year of the Archie Miller era. At 13-11 and 4-9 in the Big Ten, a once promising season has been cannonballed into a stretch of losing 10 of 11 and the team looking out of it in winnable games. But what really is plaguing the Hoosiers? Analysts and pundits point to poor shooting and offensive execution as probable causes, but I know the REAL reason: crappy beds.

Yes, crappy beds sound like a terrible excuse for why a team is playing poorly but hear me out because I am speaking from experience. I live in the same apartment complex of approximately half the basketball team. Key players like Juwan Morgan, Deron Davis, and Devonte Green all live there with me and sleep on the same, over firm memory foam mattresses provided by the apartment complex. “Memory foam is nice, though Austin!” I totally agree, but these beds are way too firm. My roommates and I have consistently woken up with sore backs and the feeling of being unrested and I can only assume the players that live in our building must be experiencing the same.

The compounding effects of poor sleep are adding up for the Hoosiers, who are in prime position to lose out as the schedule turns tough again in the coming weeks. As Archie Miller begins to prepare for next season it is imperative he tells his players not to live at this apartment complex. With better beds (and actually hitting open shots) the Hoosiers just might be able to contend for the Big Ten and national titles.

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