Grading NBA All-Star Weekend

jayson_tatum3.jpgPhoto Credit: NBC Sports

With All-Star weekend officially over, there were some exciting moments from some surprising events, but some disappointing ones in arguably the biggest event. Here are the grades from this weekend.

Celebrity All-Star Game

Not many people watch this game, and it is definitely the least anticipated event of the weekend. While this year didn’t have some of the funny moments previous ones might have, it was an overall good game, that almost featured a 19-point comeback. We got to see Ray Allen shoot again which was cool, and another great game from Quavo. Again, not the most exciting event, but if you watched the game there isn’t much more you could ask for.

Grade: B

NBA Skills Competition

When we get to Saturday Night, everyone is typically looking forward to the two contests after this, but hopefully, you didn’t miss this event. The NBA Skills competition saw some great moments. Right from the start, we saw Trae Young hit a half-court shot to come back and beat the heavy favorite Fox, only to have a half-court shot in the championship by Jayson Tatum end up costing him the trophy. The event had some of the closest games and with TWO half-court shots to come from behind it was a shockingly great event.

Grade: A

3-Point Contest

This event had more hype around it this year than the past with both Curry brothers going at it in their home-town, Dirk back for the first time in eleven years, not to mention Devin Booker the returning champ. There were so many great storylines and so many great shooters. The issue: None ended up playing out. Seth laid an egg early, Dirk got hot but did not advance. Steph had a great moment hitting 10 straight, but in the end, it wasn’t enough. Joe Harris ended up taking home the crown. I’m happy for Joe, really he deserved it and is a great shooter. Good for the Nets to have something positive, but of all the possibilities JOE HARRIS winning was not best for entertainment value. Overall it was still a good event, just not as great as the hype was.

Grade: B-

The Dunk Contest

The moment everyone waits for during all-star weekend probably even more than the game came. The issue, outside of Hamidou Diallo, so few of the competitors were able to cleanly get it done. Bridges, the home player supposed to get the crowd involved, was basically out after the first dunk when he failed to make one. John Collins failed to clear a plane that at best was half the size of the hood of the car Blake cleared with ease (seriously how hard is it to bend your legs over the plane). Dennis Smith Jr had some great dunks, but they all took him 2-3 attempts (not counting the numerous attempts where he did not even go up with the dunk). Diallo truly had some great dunks, but the overall event was sloppy. Maybe dunkers need more time to practice, but clearly, there were too many mistakes to make this a great contest.

Grade: C- (The other three competitors should thank Diallo for not getting an F)

The Game

Team Giannis got out to an early lead, but once defense started to set in, we saw the clear advantage Team LeBron had. This was no better or worse than the average NBA All-Star game. It wasn’t anything like 2011 or last year with tough defense and a close game, but it was not the worst we have seen either. A good come back by Team LeBron led by All-Star Game MVP Kevin Durant who finished with 31. The ending wasn’t thrilling, but we got to see the games best hit a record number of threes. We got to see Dirk nail 3-3 from beyond the arc. We got to see Dwayne Wade one last time. Overall it was an average NBA All-Star game, and there’s not much else to say.

Grade: C+

(Videos Courtesy of NBA on TNT)

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