OPINION: Zion Should not “Shut it Down”

zion-williamson-shoe-breaks.jpgPhoto Credit: Complex

The internet needs to shut up. Zion Williamson breaks his shoe and sprains his knee and all hell breaks loose. Why is everyone screaming and crying for Zion to shut it down and stop playing so he can get his money in the NBA?

First off, Zion is a grown man. He sprained his knee. He will live. Everyone relax.

Second, how is everyone so insane as to think that if Zion keeps playing he will get hurt and not get his NBA money? Zion could snap his leg in half right now like Paul George or Kevin Ware and still go #1 in the NBA Draft this summer. So quit it with that he needs to stop playing so he can be the first pick and get paid. He will get his money regardless.

Third, Zion has the chance to play for an NCAA National Championship Title. That opportunity does not come to everyone and is not something that should just be brushed aside.

Lastly, did anyone ever think Zion’s love for basketball and competing is enough to make him want to get back out on the court and play this season? Stop trying to decide what Zion wants, he can handle that on his own.

I’m not talking about whether or not he should be paid to play at Duke or whether or not he should’ve been able to go straight to the NBA out of high school. Those are completely different arguments. My point here is that he committed to play for Duke this season so if he is healthy (or even slightly hurt) he should be out there playing for his team. In addition, I guarantee you that unless Zion gets paralyzed he is going #1 in the 2019 NBA Draft. So it’s time to stop this debate.

2 thoughts on “OPINION: Zion Should not “Shut it Down”

  1. That is not fair at all to Zion he’s clearly risked his career so far to play for duke he shouldn’t risk anymore for a meaningless NCAA title when instead he play with the big boys next year in games that actually matter. You shouldn’t put his career in jeopardy for games that he’s not even getting paid for. In your article you claim it’s a separate argument but it really isn’t.


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