Are the Cavs Tanking?

LeBron-James-congratulates-Kevin-Love-on-_securing-the-bag_2.jpgPhoto Credit: Clutch Sports

The NBA tank race is in full force. The battle this year is between the Phoenix Suns, the New York Knicks, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs seem confused about how to get the top pick, and the return of a star could hurt their chances even more.

10 games ago the race stood as follows: Cavs at 9-41, Knicks at 10-39, and the Suns at 11-40. Ultimately seeming like a race for Zion, the Cavs were the front runners to find their replacement for LeBron (not that anyone can replace LeBron). Then something funny happened… The Knicks went 1-9 over their next 10, the Suns went 0-10, but the Cavs went 5-5. This included wins over the Bulls, Knicks, and Suns, which gave them the tiebreaker over all three of these teams.

The biggest factor: The return of Kevin Love. Love has only played in three games, but Cleveland won all three with Love averaging over 20 points and 10 rebounds. Is it time to shut down Kevin Love? Love might end up preventing this team from getting a top three pick with the Cavs approaching the Bulls and owning the tiebreaker against them. If they miss out on Zion and RJ the franchise could be looking at a far longer rebuild than fans would hope.

The Cavs play in New York on Thursday in what might be a must lose for a franchise that seems to be able to get nothing right. I believe it is time to limit Love’s minutes and start losing. Otherwise, the future Cleveland fans hope for might evaporate into thin air. It seems Kevin Love just can’t do anything right for the fans of Cleveland.

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