Antonio Brown to the Packers Would be Sublime

usatsi_10452625-e1547410072599.jpgPhoto Credit: The Sports Daily

There has been much speculation about where Antonio Brown will land via trade. According to many analysts, the Green Bay Packers have circled around as a possible nice fit for the disgruntled wide receiver. I agree with this take. Even with all the distractions, I think Antonio Brown could bring a lot to a win-now ready team.

Aaron Rodgers just signed a monstrous contract, making it hard to surround him with a ton of blue-chip players. We haven’t seen any prime players alongside Rodgers in quite a few seasons. With a new head coach and staff and an abundance of young talent, this could be what the Packers need. The NFC North is strong and the Pack needs to make a splash this off-season before winning the division becomes out of reach.

First off, I would argue that Davante Adams paired with Antonio Brown would be one of the best receiver duos in the league, if not the best. Adams is a bright young star who does not get enough recognition. He recorded a swift 1386 YDs and 13 TDs this past year. Pair that with Brown on the opposite side and Rodgers under center, we are looking at a better situation than Pittsburgh had with JuJu Smith-Schuster and Ben Roethlisberger. Although the San Francisco 49ers are a huge favorite to land Brown, I don’t know if they are ready to take on a big headed player who is nearing the end of his prime. It seems that would be a money and location move for Brown, but wouldn’t exactly line up with the 49ers final plan. New Orleans is the other team that has been speculated. However, I see the pairing of Michael Thomas and Brown becoming an ego issue, leaving Drew Brees to deal with a target predicament. Rodgers would for sure keep Brown in check by not only delivering the rock better than Big Ben ever could, but making sure the focus is in the right place behind the scenes rather than publicly slandering his teammates. Rodgers is known for being blatant and upfront about his problems with teammates.

This is the year Green Bay has an actual chance to snag Brown or another huge star. They have two first-rounders, which they could easily pair one of them with a young player, future late-round picks and/or role player for Brown. The Pack struggles to land huge free agents due to location, so this is their opportunity to make a huge splash just like the Chicago Bears did with Khalil Mack. Look at what that trade did for the Bears’ defense. It is time to match the intensity of their division rival. They can’t keep wasting Rodgers’ good years with young and B-level players that may never even pan out to their expected potential. Aggression seems to be the new wave of the NFL in terms of contract negotiations and trades. So why shouldn’t Rodgers be gifted a new shiny asset?

Brown is 30-years-old. He needs to go to a team that could make a run now. With Rodgers aging as well, this could be a perfect last hoorah for both of them. They could guarantee money for Brown with a nice contract for a 3-4 year run. At the end of that, I don’t think Brown will have much left in the tank. They both had a questionable year in performance and media reputation this past season, so this would be an easy pathway to cement their legacies with some years striving for Super Bowl pushes. The underdog and small-market aspect of the Packers would be an underrated fit for Brown. Big markets like California would be a distraction for him and may stunt the growth of young players and developing chemistry on a team.

I am looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. Where do you guys think Brown will land?

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