The Return of Manziel.

0bddc811e8fc4d7b99ba174213bc15f9.jpgPhoto Credit: The Denver Post

Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football, Bobby Manziel, whatever you want to call him, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that he is back in the spotlight. What for this time you might ask? Strap in for this one, he was banned from the Canadian Football League (CFL.) Manziel’s former team, The Montreal Alouettes, released Manziel and the league barred him from signing a contract with any of the eight other teams.

The details on how Manziel violated his contract are still unclear, but him being banned from the CFL is opening new doors for the former star QB. Manziel’s options are abundant as of now, with the formation of the new Alliance of American Football (AAF) as well as the XFL’s return next year. It is very possible that we see Money Manziel return to American soil for the first time in two years.

Manziel’s Performance up north wasn’t anything to call home about, but he was showing steady improvement from his five-interception debut, prior to him being barred from the league. It will be exciting to see if Manziel can return to putting up showtime numbers like he did back in college.

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