The Orlando Magic

usa_today_11308948.0.jpgPhoto Credit: Orlando Pinstriped Post

The NBA season is heading down the home-stretch, and with so many headlines a few teams get lost. One of the current stories nobody is noticing is the rise of the Orlando Magic.

The Magic currently sit 8th in the East, and are 30-34, so why should anyone be talking about them? To start with they have won 10 of their previous 13 games, before that they were just a 20-31 team with an equal chance at a top 3 pick as the playoffs. So what has changed? Defense.

Over that stretch, they are 1st in points allowed and second in all of these stats: blocks, opponent second-chance points, opponent points off turnovers and opponent fast break points. They have locked up everyone, not just bad offenses either. The Golden State Warriors learned about this new found defense scoring just 96 points, their lowest total in almost three months.

The Magic are long and athletic with Isaac and Gordon. They are quick to close down the three and don’t allow offensive rebounds. They take care of the ball on offense. The Magic aren’t going to win the finals or even a playoff series, but if you are a Magic fan, be happy this is promising for a young team. Maybe the Magic are not as far away from contention as some may think. If they keep playing like this, they won’t even be an easy out in the playoffs.

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