The NFL Combine Experience

cutPhoto Credit: SNY

This weekend I was at the NFL Combine, viewing many of the top prospects in the NFL Draft. The event was interesting, and was cool to see, but is far from perfect.

Before I start talking about my experience, I’ll say the combine is cool, but might be overvalued sometimes. A players production over multiple years should count more than a few numbers, however, the numbers can show some of the uncoachable aspects of the game. Players like Rashan Gary and DK Metcalf, who lacked superstar numbers, showed they still have the measurables and the freak athlete factor, a good NFL coach can develop.

As for my experience, it was… ok. The combine is cool, and it was awesome to see the process live and be in a building with so many GM’s, owners, scouts, and league execs. After the cool factor, the combine is fairly bland. I am a big football fan, and enjoy the drills and watching footwork and little things, but the casual fan likely would have been bored within five minutes. There are few events going on, and only really one to two players are doing something at a time.

Now, this would not be bad, if they changed the experience, but there isn’t really more to do. During the Super Bowl, Indianapolis had a street full of activities something the combine was missing. Would it be so hard to have a place for people to run a 40-yard dash, do a three-cone shuttle, verticle jump, etc?  On top of that, there is no screen showing every players time, and unless you brought a pen to record them, its hard to always know. You are not allowed phones making it hard to find information on a player during the event. They do not even allow you to eat or drink while watching. My bottle of water up in section 400 was going to distract players?

Overall, the event was cool but clearly built for GMs and scouts there for information, who have done tons of research. I am someone who does a lot of that, but the friends I were with got bored quickly, and I even got bored after two hours. If your a BIG football fan, go one day, if not I would avoid it, and definitely not go multiple days.

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