3 Bets for MLB Win Totals in 2019

usa-today-7945628_0.jpgPhoto Credit: Coverthespread365

Philadelphia Phillies: 89.5 wins

Pick: Under

I think this number is really high due to the fact they signed Bryce Harper.  Let’s face it, despite Harper being one of the biggest faces in baseball, his year to year production is always a mystery considering he is historically one of the most inconsistent hitters in baseball.  Other than Harper, the Phillies have some nice young players like Rhys Hoskins, but nobody really jumps off the page as a potential All-Star.  With these win totals, you also have to consider the division they play in. I tend to think the Phillies are the third best team in the division behind the Braves and the Nationals, so I don’t see three teams in the division surpassing the 90 win mark.  With an improved Mets team, that leaves only one bottom dweller in the Marlins for the Phillies to beat up on. Last year the Phillies finished with an 80-82 record. Although I expect them to improve and be above .500 this year, 85 wins seems to be their max in my opinion.


Houston Astros: 96.5 wins

Pick: Over

The Astros have it all, offense, pitching, defense, a deep bullpen… you name it the Astros have it.  Although the 96.5 number is really high, I think they should win over 100 games for the third straight year.  The only thing that could stop them in 2019 would be injuries and motivation. After winning a World Series in 2017 and making a playoff run in 2018, the first two and half months could be the key to this bet winning.  With so many veterans on the team, which is poised for another long run this October, they could coast until June and then turn it on just in time for the most important time of the season. Either way, I think they get it done and can win you some easy money.


Minnesota Twins: 83.5 wins

Pick: Over

The AL Central is so bad.  Other than the Indians, who lost a lot this offseason, no team finished over .500 last year.  I expect this to change for the Twins in 2019. Perhaps the biggest reason why the Twins struggled in 2018 was the lack of production they got from their slugger 3B Miguel Sano.  Sano played just 71 games while hitting .199. With the additions of DH Nelson Cruz and Jonathan Schoop, to go along with a healthy Sano, the Twins should be able to beat up on the worst division in baseball and have no problem surpassing the 83 win mark.  The Twins have been a hot pick to make it to the playoffs as a wild card the past few years and I fully expect them to sneak in as the 2nd wild card for the second time in three seasons in 2019.


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