Selection Sunday Review

The Selection Show is over and the top three overall seeds went to the ACC. Here is a review of what we have seen.

East Region

D15KSwJW0AY4j_8.jpgDuke took the overall #1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

Possible Sweet 16 to watch: Duke vs Virginia Tech could be a potential rematch in sweet 16. VT won earlier this year against Duke.

Upset to Watch: Yale could be an upset favorite with Oni being an NBA prospect and an inconsistent LSU team.

Key Stat: Michigan State getting a 2 seed is great, but many MSU fans will be wary of Izzo’s struggles against Coach K with only 1 win in 11 meetings. Duke has consistently sent MSU home.

Overall: it should be a very exciting bracket. Duke and MSU would be one of the best Elite 8 games possible. VT, Miss St, and VCU should at least keep games against Duke close. The bottom side of the bracket as many upset possibilities, but MSU has been one of the hottest teams in the country with just 1 loss in the past month.

South Region

D15Ll3oXcAAt7Oe.jpgPossible Sweet 16 to watch: Purdue vs Tennessee could be one of the best matchups with two of the best in the country Grant Williams and Carsen Edwards on the same floor.

Upset to Watch: Oregon has talent and some tournament experience. Wisconsin and Oregon should be a thrilling opening game in a 12 v 5 matchup.

Key Stat: Wisconsin (#5 seed), Kansas State (#4 seed), and Virginia (#1 seed) are 3, 4, and 5 respectively in Ken Pom defensive rankings, making the top half of this region likely a low scoring battle.

Overall: Villanova vs Purdue should be one of the best Round of 32 teams between two of the best coaches about getting the best out of their players. The defensive teams on the top half should make an exciting bracket if you enjoy defense. A possible Tennessee vs Virginia matchup would be welcome, not as high powered as Duke vs MSU but still strong.

Midwest Region

D15OlbeXgAE59jf.jpgPossible Sweet 16 to watch: Auburn vs Kansas would be an incredible backcourt matchup. The winner of that facing UNC should make for possibly the most exciting sweet 16 game. Harper and Brown should help Auburn give Kansas and UNC issues.

Upset to Watch: Ohio State has to be the choice. I don’t see an easy decision in this bracket for an upset, so betting against the Big 12 in the first round never fails.

Key Stat: The bracket has 5 of the top 13 teams in offensive efficiency according to Ken Pom: UNC, Auburn, Iowa State, Kentucky, and Wofford.

Overall: Kentucky has a very favorable side of the bracket, with the top half looking very strong. Auburn, Kansas, and North Carolina have all shown an ability to beat the best in the NCAA. Kentucky vs Any of those three would be a thrilling game. UK vs UNC rematch would be interesting as Kentucky took the first meeting 80-72.

West Region

D15Q6jeXQAYHcQ7.jpgPossible Sweet 16 to watch: Florida State has won 14/16 including a win over UVA. They are long and athletic also boasting a win over Purdue. Gonzaga’s path to the final four could get stuck on Florida State.

Bonus: Michigan and Texas Tech are 1 and 2 in defense on Ken Pom and would be an incredible game if Michigan can survive a TALENTED Nevada team.

Upset to Watch: Murray State would be a popular pick anyway, but Ja Morant vs Markus Howard will easily be the most exciting matchup in the opening weekend.

Key Stat: The #1 offense on the top and the top 2 defenses on the bottom will make interesting Elite Eight possibilities.

Overall: As it is every year, Gonzaga will be a popular pick in the West Region with a great geographical edge and a veteran-led group. Michigan, Texas Tech, and Nevada all have a lot of leadership from past runs and all were in the Elite Eight just 1 year ago.


– All Photos from ESPN

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