NFL Free Agency Winners and Losers

le-veon_bell_cj_mosley.jpgPhoto Credit: Elite Sports NY

With over a week gone in NFL Free Agency, most of the big names have been signed. It is time to take a look at the winners and losers.


Cleveland Browns: This is the no brainer everyone is talking about so I will keep it short. The Browns clearly on paper have had a huge FA adding Sheldon Richardson while also picking up Odell Beckham and Oliver Vernon (although technically not through a free agency). They also retained Greg Robinson and added Kareem Hunt who could be big contributors. Championships aren’t won in July, ask the 2011 Eagles, but this was a step in the right direction.

New York Jets: Most people probably see the Jets and assume this is going to be about LeVeon Bell. Bell was a big part in the security he will give a young rookie QB, but that was not their best signing. While Bell is the flashy add, CJ Mosley anchoring the middle has to be the biggest move. A linebacker that can be the center of your defense and a vocal leader is crucial in a great defense. Mosley is young and one of the best in his spot. The Jets also bolstered the offensive line for Darnold and gave him more weapons. The Jets might not be a playoff team yet, but they will at least be in the hunt late into December.

Green Bay Packers: The Packers have not had a top 10 defense since they won the Super Bowl back in 2010. That clearly was the focus over the offense. The Packers added a pass rusher in Za’Darius Smith who has upside, Preston Smith in the middle, and Adrian Amos arguably the best safety available at a great price. The Packers made a huge effort towards regaining the division title.


49ers-news-San-Francisco-set-to-sign-Kwon-Alexander.jpgSan Fransisco 49ers: This is probably a hot take considering the moves made, but a closer look gives some concern. Dee Ford is coming off really his lone breakout season and got paid like Khalil Mack. Kwon Alexander is injury prone and coming off a major injury as is Jason Verrett. Tevin Coleman did not add much but another B- level runningback to a crowded backfield. I do not feel they got any closer to the playoffs with the moves this offseason.

New York Giants: I will just link this article while adding YOU TRADED ODELL BECAUSE A 1st and 3rd BLEW YOU AWAY… really? Is the player you draft at 17 going to replace Odell’s production? The answer is no.

Indianapolis Colts: Listen I am a Colts fan, and there has been a lot of frustration towards Chris Ballard and rightfully so, but I am not here to hate on the man. The Colts have a plan and are sticking to it, but that doesn’t mean Free Agency was not rough for the organization. The Jags added a QB to an already talented team. The Browns and Raiders both became real wildcard contenders, not to mention the Jets above. The Colts will stick to the strategy and it might work, but in a league where very little money is guaranteed making free agency a low-risk situation, watching others add talented players and a Colts team that benefited greatly from a weak schedule has to be concerning. If Ballard continues to draft an All-Pro (or 2) every year then everyone in the league will be at his mercy, but free agency was not a good time for the Colts.

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