Goodbye Vontaze Burfict

636568047442602535-SW16-VONTAZE-BURFICT-1122-94435987.jpegPhoto Credit: USA Today

After 7 years in Cincinnati, the Bengals have decided to cut Vontaze Burfict.  Burfict’s time in Cincinnati was filled with controversy.  He has accumulated over $4 million in fines and was suspended by the league multiple times.  This is something that the Bengals will not miss at all (nor will the rest of the AFC North).

His dangerous and reckless play was a constant cause of worry for the team.  He had a promising career in Cincinnati, but he was not able to play in a “safe” manner and clearly could not keep his anger in check.  This seemed like an obvious move from the Bengals considering his lackluster 2018 season.  It seemed like Burfict did not care this past season and did not have the same intensity that made him a good linebacker.

Either way, he’s gone and the Bengals will not have as much trouble on their hands.



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