It’s Time for Replay Time Limits

usp-ncaa-basketball_-ncaa-tournament-second-round-.jpgPhoto Credit: For The Win – USA Today

Watching the UCF Duke game there were multiple official reviews for some key plays in the game. The reviews seemed to take forever with the officials huddled around the monitor. I think time limits need to be set in place for official reviews. Now, of course, it is important to get the calls right, as that is the point of official reviews. But prolonged video replays take players, fans, and coaches out of the game’s rhythm.

The long replays break up the game flow and it makes the game take much longer than it should. If a replay review lasts an extended time, it means that the video evidence is not clear. The officials should just go with the call on the floor. Video review is great for the game for getting the call right, but it should not break up the flow and excitement of a close game.

If time limits aren’t the answer, officials need to figure out how to make calls quicker.

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