The Story of Matt Steigenga

dd4c5cfe31508a2f88ce1d79991a23f0-original.jpgPhoto Credit: Chat Sports

Over the weekend I was scrolling through Twitter and came across the amazing story of Matt Steigenga. He is my new favorite NBA player. I highly doubt anyone reading this has ever heard of him before and I do not blame you. I personally think he is a legend after hearing his story. He played 12 minutes in the NBA and scored 3 career points. Yes, he played fewer minutes in his career than a full NBA game.  He was drafted in 1992 by the Chicago Bulls but cut during training camp. He played overseas and in the CBA. During the 1996-97 season, he called Bulls’ GM Jerry Krause in hopes of getting tickets for one of the team’s final 2 home games. Instead, Jerry Krause asked him if he would like to sign a 10-day contract to finish out the season since Toni Kukoc was hurt and other players needed rest.  In these final games of the season, he recorded his 12 minutes of glory and scored his only field goal in the Bulls 69th (nice) win of the season. A 1 handed alley-oop off of a pass from Steve Kerr.

Absolutely electric. The Bulls kept him on for the playoffs for use in practice and went onto win the NBA Championship that year. Steigenga got a championship ring for playing 12 minutes and scoring 3 points. Matt Steigenga you are what all bench warmers strive for and you are a legend for that. I need to find a Matt Steigenga jersey ASAP.

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