Emotional March Madness Postgame Interviews Are Back

2Q4LOECSUII6TPNXIT4URTAGAU.jpgPhoto Credit: Washington Post

No matter how you feel about certain teams/players/coaches, emotional postgame interviews that follow a heartbreaking exit from the tourney are some of the best content on the internet.

I don’t mean best in the “kick a man while he’s down” sense of the word, I more so mean the kind that let you see behind the curtain.

They let the fan see that these kids are still just kids, and these coaches love having the opportunity to coach them.

98.5% of the participants in the NCAA tournament lose.

Yet, seemingly no one is prepared for when their journey ends.

I really don’t like Duke at all but this just goes to show that they’re more than just the evil empire that hoards 5-star recruits.

But one of the all time best came when South Carolina head coach Frank Martin took the stand following his team’s miracle run to the Final Four in 2017.

I know it’s sad, but it’s real.  And that’s part of the beauty of the NCAA tournament.

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