Top 5 Baseball Brawls of All Time

prgqepucw8iorq3yiqfsPhoto Credit: Deadspin

In honor of Yasiel Puig trying to fight the entirety of the Pittsburgh Pirates roster, I will be writing about, what I deem to be, the top 5 baseball brawls of all time.

5.) Blue Jays vs. Rangers (2016)

Following a hard slide from Jose Bautista, Rougned Odor threw one of the best punches in baseball history.  What followed was players sprinting full speed at the opposing team and a lot of yelling and shoving.


4.) Red Sox vs. Yankees (1976)

A collision at home plate led to a brawl featuring some large punches and body slams.  It was a classic, old-school brawl and I don’t think that anyone can say that they don’t like this.


3.) Reds vs. Cardinals (2010)

What started out as Yadier Molina trash-talking Brandon Phillips, who had said some choice words about the Cardinals the night before, turned into absolute mayhem when Johnny Cueto started kicking.  This fight had it all: punches, kicks, and managers fighting.  Couldn’t ask for more.


2.) Red Sox vs. Yankees (2003)

Fueled by a deep-seeded rivalry and playoff intensity, this brawl is great for one reason.  Pedro Martinez throwing 72-year-old Don Zimmer to the ground.  I don’t think that anyone will ever forget this happening due to the sheer wildness of the whole situation.


1.) Rangers vs. White Sox (1993)

After Nolan Ryan beans Robin Ventura, Ventura decides to charge the mound.  This turns out to be a horrible idea because Nolan Ryan absolutely crushes him.  Ryan gets him in a headlock and lands a litany of punches right to Ventura’s face.  I’m sure Ventura regretted this the next day.


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