Chris Beard is the Future of College Basketball

5ca0541b230000e801ea0d7b.jpgPhoto Credit: Yahoo

Chris Beard has one of the most impressive resumes of any coach in college basketball, and its only getting started.

Most coaches have great years and down years. They start by building programs and it takes time, not for Chris Beard. After being a Bob Knight disciple and an assistant coach at Texas Tech until 2011, Beard became a head coach. Since then he has never struggled.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 5.12.39 PM.png

He has not had a losing record, and since coming to DI has only missed the NCAA Tournament once, his very first year at Texas Tech. He started at little rock and made the tourney after an incredible season before knocking off Purdue in a 12-5 upset. Then he went to TTU and before even getting his recruits in the program took the team to an Elite Eight beating that same Purdue team in the sweet 16 before losing to the eventual National Champions. Texas Tech now finds themselves in the championship game.

Most coaches need time to bring in players and develop a culture. Look at Archie Miller at IU, Coach K took three years at Duke, and Tony Bennett missed the tourney 3 of his first 4 years and got knocked out in the first round the only time he made it. Chris Beard has been special at Texas Tech and if he stays, they will be a force in the Big 12 that should scare even Kansas.

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