Droppin’ Bags in Minneapolis

screen-shot-2019-02-18-at-105524-am.jpgPhoto Credit: Bring Me The News

Everyone in the college basketball Twittersphere jokes about coaches and agents dropping bags for players. If you listen to One Shining Podcast, hosted by Mark Titus and Tate Frazier, you are well aware of all the jokes made about paying players and bag men. This weekend in Minneapolis, Titus and Frazier were the bag men and dropping bags for players at the 3X3U National Championship. 3X3U is 3 on 3 basketball tournament where 4 seniors from each of the 32 NCAA Division conferences compete for $150,000. Each win in pool play netted a team $1,000 ($250 per player for those who are poor at math) and the winner of the whole tournament got $100,000 ($25,000 per player).

Games are played to 21 with a 12-second shot clock. The action was fast paced and exciting. This year the games were held in the middle of the Mall of America. The atmosphere was unreal with 4 stories of people gathering around the mall’s rotunda catching the action. DJ Poizon Ivy, of the Dallas Mavericks, set the mood all weekend long playing straight heat and Titus and Frazier coming out after every game handing the winner team a bag of $1,000 in cash.

The winner this year was the Colonial Athletic Association who beat the West Coast Conference.  The CAA team was stacked with 4 First Team all-conference selections, which no other team in the tournament could boast. Justin Wright-Foreman led the way and won MVP of the tournament. Surprisingly no power 5 schools made the final four, with the West Coast, the CAA, the MAC, and the Northeastern Conference making it. Teammates had to come together quickly after beating up on each the past 4 years and adjust to the new style of play in 3 on 3 basketball.

Numerous NBA scouts dotted the sideline along with college basketball celebrities Ja Morant and Greg Oden. The event was a huge success with more growth to come in the future at Atlanta. I highly suggest watching the event next year to college seniors get their first basketball paycheck.


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