Update: Justin Fields Has Been Doing His Homework, Both On and Off the Field

Ohio-State-Buckeyes-football-Justin-Fields-CJ-Saunders-1.jpgPhoto Credit: The-Ozone

NCAA Violations? 

Won’t find them here!

I said that if Justin Fields transferred to OSU I would do his homework for the next year.

Well, good old Justin has yet to take me up on that offer, and that just goes to show you the kind of character he has.

Here I am, a Non-Athletic Regular Person living on the same campus and publicly offering to assist with his academic commitments so he can focus on spinning that pigskin for the Buckeyes.

Yet, despite my enticing offer, he has stood strong and committed himself to the textbooks as well as the playbook.



In all seriousness, Fields has done an awesome job, at least from the fan perspective, of assimilating to the Ohio State football program.  He shed his black stripe, officially becoming a member of the team, and Coach Day has said that the quarterback’s completion percentage and growth in practice has been on pace with Dwayne Haskins’ growth a year ago (and we all saw how that turned out).

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Ryan Day regime around Columbus, and having a weapon like Fields to begin the new era is nothing short of a blessing.

Spring practice wraps up with the spring game on Saturday, and to say fans are excited for the 2019 season would be an understatement.

We’ll get our first chance to see the new-look Buckeyes this weekend, and I have a feeling it will be the beginning of a happy, successful marriage.

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