Eastern Conference Playoff Matchups

Now that we have looked at the Western Conference matchups, it is time to review the East.

detroit-pistons-vs-milwaukee-bucks.jpgPhoto Credit: NBC

Milwaukee Bucks vs Detriot Pistons

The Bucks lead the series 4-0 during the year. I think Giannis might struggle vs other teams in the playoffs but not the Pistons. The way Brook, Pau, Mirotic, and others stretch the floor. Drummond and Blake Griffin really struggle to matchup up. The Bucks are the perfect foil to the Pistons, and this series should be quick. The Pistons had a negative differential on the year. The matchups are just very poor for Detriot.

Prediction: Bucks 4-0

Boston Celtics vs Indiana Pacers

Photo Credit: Boston Live

If Vic was healthy this would be a different series, the issue: the IF. Vic is out and the Pacers chance of advancing deep into the playoffs with it. The Pacers are 19-22 on the road and have been an .500 team since Vic’s injury. The Pacers just don’t have the talent to matchup with the Celtics. I also think the Celtics losing Smart is addition by subtraction. More shots for more efficient players and the Celtics have been better when missing a rotation player for the last two years. The Pacers should win a game at home, but that’s about it.

Prediction: Celtics 4-1

kawhi-raptors-debut.pngPhoto Credit: DailyHive

Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic

The Magic are one of the hottest teams entering the playoffs winning 8 of their past 10, and going 2-2 against the Raptors so far this year. The Raptors will be tested more than expected with the Magic’s defense has been incredible lately and they have the length to match Siakam and Kawhi. The Raptors will win but likely drop a game. Most if not all the games will be close, every year there is a series that every game is close, but still ends in 5, this will be that series.

Prediction: Raptors: 4-1

5243211_041119sixersteam.jpgPhoto Credit: 6ABC

Philadephia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets

The 76ers are one of the most talented teams in the playoffs and should overpower the Nets with their length, but the Nets deserve a lot of credit for the team they have built with no draft picks. Russell is in the running for MIP and Jarrett Allen is developing into a great young center. The Nets have no one to matchup with Ben Simmons. The 76ers need to prove they can survive in the playoffs and that starts here.

Prediction: 76ers 4-1

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