C-B-J! C-B-J!

sp-nhl-a-20190414-870x579.jpgPhoto Credit: The Japan Times

It is April 15th, In The Year of Our Lord 2019 and the Columbus Blue Jackets are currently ahead of the world beaters, the unstoppable WAGON, Tampa Bay Lightning 3 games to none.

That sentence felt so good to type out I just took a 5-minute pause to stop and reflect on the situation.

I was lucky enough to be sitting in Nationwide Arena for Game 3 and let me tell you…

“Electric” doesn’t do the environment justice.

This is a town and fanbase that love their hockey and love their Blue Jackets, and for the first time in franchise history, they are one game away from winning a playoff series.

You can make fun of the fanbase for celebrating one measly playoff win, or (hopefully) it’s one measly series win, but look at the circumstance:

This team was projected to miss the playoffs by plenty of NHL pundits,

AND didn’t clinch a playoff spot until overtime in the 81st game of the season.

17 employees for ESPN were asked who they thought would win this series before the playoffs started.

All 17 picked Tampa Bay.

Make fun of Columbus till your little-hate-filled heart gives out…

It only makes these victories that much sweeter.


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