Shaking Up the 2019 NBA Playoffs

5294-34847-original.jpgPhoto Credit: Chat Sports

Prior to this year, the NBA playoffs were essentially just a formality. We sat back and had to watch 3 series in the Eastern and Western Conference just to reach the inevitable, a Warriors vs Cavs Finals showdown.

Well this year is finally different, with LeBron James nowhere to be found in the postseason and the Warriors looking less and less than their prior selves, the race to the Finals looks just about as open as the path to the Iron Throne (had to throw that in for the GoT fans).

We’re only two days into the NBA playoffs and we are already seeing the effect of this post-LeBron east, and its absolute chaos. We’ve already witnessed a charged Brooklyn Nets team, led by D’Angelo Russell, take down the 76er’s, as well as the Magic giving Toronto fits in game 1. To say the east will be a dog-fight would be an understatement.

The most exciting factor is that there are currently 4 eastern teams that I personally think have a chance at taking down the warriors: the Celtics, Raptors, 76ers, and the Bucks, and only two of the four are currently leading their respective series. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

Now, onto the West. Last season we saw the Rockets come an injury away from beating the Warriors in seven. Many people were questioning if this was it for the warriors, Would their reign of terror finally come to an end? It looked like the answer was, absolutely not. With the addition of Demarcus Cousins it looked like the Warriors got even better, but what we did not foresee was the distancing of what was once a tight-knit locker room. With the Warriors having issues internally could this be the year that we see a new team in the Finals from both conferences?

With the Warriors seeming to decline slightly, it’s giving teams like the Nuggets, Rockets, and Blazers opportunities to reach the Final’s that haven’t been more than a pipe dream for the last four years.

I suggest all you NBA fans sit back and enjoy what we’re about to witness this year, needless to say, it’ll be a refreshing change.

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