The Comeback Clippers Won More Than Just Game 2

1200-lac_vs_gsw_gallery_190415_3_of_28.jpgPhoto Credit: Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers pulled off the largest playoff comeback in NBA history against the Golden State Warriors.

31 points. Unbelievable.

I was shaking after the game. The score was 94-63 with 7:31 to play in the 3rd quarter. After that, the Clippers went on a 72-37 run. 85 total points in the second half.

The Clippers have been a solid team all year, but I did not realize they had this in them.

Lou Williams seems to get better every year and Montrezl Harrell is just a dawg. Plain and simple. Not to mention, the two ROOKIES in the starting line up came up huge with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander making a huge play to Landry Shamet for the go-ahead three.

The most shocking part of this narrative is that the Lob City big 3 would never be able to accomplish this. It is the heart and grit of this team that got them this far. The past 2 years they have traded their best 2 players in Blake Griffin and Tobias Harris, accumulating picks and young players, and have only gotten better. Doc Rivers deserves endless credit.

Patrick Beverley is somehow in Kevin Durant’s head and the terrible loss of Demarcus Cousins is troubling. Going back to LA tied 1-1 is huge. The Clippers will probably not win this series, but this was much bigger than a playoff win.

This was HUGE for the Clippers’ free agency campaign. With the countless marquee stars becoming free agents this summer, the Clippers just proved all they need is a true star to make them a legit contender. They have the shooters and role players, and are just missing that one GUY. They are drama free, play physical, and have shown that the chemistry and culture are there, both of which were lacking in the past.

This was straight advertisement if anything. Notice most stars who have asked for a trade in the past couple years have had the Clippers on their list. If I am a big name free agent looking for a new team, this is what the Clippers can offer:

  • Great owner
  • Strong front office
  • Enough money for 2 max slots
  • Stockpiled picks
  • Superb head coach (arguably having the best year of his career)
  • Young, legitimate players with bright futures
  • Scrappy veterans who have proven themselves
  • Shooters
  • Good location

That looks pretty damn nice if you ask me.

It looks better than their co-tenants in LA.

If I am an All-Star under the age of 26-27 at the beginning of my prime, why would I choose the Los Angles Lakers over the Clippers? If you go and win, it is because of LeBron James’ greatness. If you lose, you were not enough help. The Lakers banners, glitz, and glamour are their only advantages. If someone like Kawhi Leonard or KD brought the Clippers their first championship, they would be remembered forever.

Go Clippers. Let’s hope they can pull a crazy, unlikely upset over the Warriors. However, the real win here is in their increasingly strong résumé heading into free agency.

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