Indiana Pacers Recap

pacers-team-shot-court.jpgPhoto Credit: SI

The Pacers season came to a quick end on Sunday after getting swept by the Boston Celtics. For most fans, this season has been a rollercoaster and will feel somewhat incomplete.

A first-round sweep at the hands of Boston seems like a disappointment for a Pacers team that seemed poised to finally break through after the departure of LeBron (who the Pacers took to 7 games a year ago). That all changed however when the Pacers lone star Victor Oladipo got injured. While others stepped up one thing was clear, the Pacers lacked that go to star to close games. That was never more obvious than against the Celtics where the Pacers would keep it close, but long scoring draughts would ruin the Pacers chances. A star to get the team out of the slump was visibly absent, and the team clearly did not know how to break out of these draughts. The last four minutes of games also killed the Pacers. The Celtics fed Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum, while the Pacers struggled to find any offense.

This season was huge for the Pacers, as most the team is gone after the season and the Pacers must now decide if they need to blow it up or run it back, the issue: Nobody knows what this team could’ve done with Vic. Conventional wisdom says Indiana needed another star to really compete, but a team that peaked at #2 in the east was playing some of the best team ball in the NBA.

This season was supposed to show what the Pacers could do after being knocked out by LeBron in 5 of their previous 6 postseason appearances. It was time to see if this team had the drive to compete with Boston, Toronto, Milwaukee, and Philly… instead, Pacers fans will sit and wonder what could have been.


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