Jackets Are Buzzin’ For Round 2

usa_today_12535044.0.jpgPhoto Credit: Fear The Fin

Monday morning brought about a new sight for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It is officially “Second-Round” Week.

(I couldn’t come up with a cooler sounding name so I went literal, sue me)

Anyway, with the good old 614 absolutely FIENDING for some more of that good hockey stuff they got in round 1, the Blue Jackets opened up the Nationwide Arena doors for a “Blue vs White” Scrimmage on this fine Monday.

And the results were electric.

5,500 for a practice?! I’ve seen fewer people at a free concert on Ohio State’s campus.

Not to mention the product on the ice was none too shabby (see: Zach Werenski’s saucy mitts)


This team is playing loose and this city is excited.  I hope Boston-Toronto goes to 4 OT’s tomorrow night because the Jackets are going to be unbelievably energized whether they have to travel to Beantown or Draketown, (Once again, best I could do), and tired legs could mean another big Game 1 win for the CBJ.

I’ve lived in this city for longer than the Blue Jackets have existed as a franchise and if they’re able to put together a DEEPER run…

Let’s just say I’m glad I can legally enjoy an adult beverage.

C-B-J! C-B-J! C-B-J!



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